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Links to Astronomy related info

Clear Sky Charts, Astronomy focused weather forecasts:

Dark Sky Finder, a map for light pollution:

Los Angeles Sky Chart, information on what's in the sky tonight:

Sky Week, a great video of what's in the sky every week:

Los Angeles Astronomical Society:

Western Colorado Astronomy Club:​

Sky Safari:​

Astro Aid:

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD):

Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day:

BBC Sky at Night:

Universe Today:

Sky and Telescope:

Astronomy Now:

Astronomy Magazine:

Cloudy Nights:

Palomar Observatory:

Grand Mesa Observatory:

Mount Wilson Observatory:

Griffith Observatory sky report:

Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System ATLAS:​

All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae ASAS-SN:

Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System Pan-STARRS:​

Giant Magellan Telescope GMT:

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope LSST:

James Webb Space Telescope JWST:


Hubble Space Telescope HST:

High Point Scientific:

Oceanside Photo and Telescope (OPT):

Agena Astro:

Astro Hutech:


William Optics:

Celestron Telescopes:

Orion Telescopes:

Sky Watcher Telescopes:

Takahashi Telescopes:

Planewave Telescopes:

Paramount Software Bisque:

Rokinon Lenses:

Zeiss Lenses:

Optolong Filters:

Down Under Observatory, Terry Hancock Astrophotographer and my astrophotography teacher:

Sara Wager, Astrophotographer:

Robert Gendler, Astrophotographer:

Roberto Colombari, Astrophotographer:

David Lane, Astrophotographer:

Tom Meneghini, Astronomer MWO Director:

Yuri Beletsky, Astronomer, Astrophotographer:

Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn:

Gerald Rhemann Comet Imager:  

David De Martin, Astroimager Author:

Ciel Boreal, Observatory, Astrophotographers:

Oliver Czernetz, Astrophotographer:​

J-P Metsavainio, Astrophotographer:​

Rogelio Bernal Andreo, Astrophotographer:

Warren Keller, Astrophotographer:​

Gordon Wright, Astrophotographer:

Conrado Serodio, Astrophotographer:

David Dvali, Astrophotographer:​

Michael Jäger Comet Discoverer Comet Imager:

Rosaly Lopes, Planetary Scientist JPL:

Christopher Go, Astrophotographer:​

Mohammad Nouroozi, Astrophotographer:

Terry Lovejoy, Comet Discoverer, Astrophotographer:

Ken Crawford, Astrophotographer:

Cindy Hunt Benson, Caltech, JPL, Carnegie Observatories:

Rolf Wahl Olsen, Astrophotographer:

Alessandro Bianconi, Astrophotographer:​

Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, Research Scientist:

Thomas Lelu, Astrophotographer: 

Noodle Van aka Astro Noodle, Astrophotographer:

Loren Ball, Astronomer, Asteroid Discoverer:

Bryan Carnathan, Professional Photographer, Gear Reviews:

Pamela L. Gay, Astronomer:

José J. Chambó Bris, Astrophotographer:

Alex Filippenko, Astronomer:

Mark Hanson, Astrophotographer:

Wally Pacholka, Astrophotographer:

Bill Snyder, Astrophotographer:​

Damian Peach, Astrophotographer:

Judy Schmidt, Astroimager:

Tim Thompson, Astronomer:

Sergio Montúfar Codoñer, Astrophotographer:

Jerry Lodriguss, Astrophotographer:

Nicolas Rolland, Astrophotographer:

Carlos Kiko Fairbairn, Astrophotographer:

Adam Block, Astrophotographer:

Babak Tafreshi, Astrophotographer:

Alan Dyer, Astrophotographer:

The World At Night (TWAN):

Astronomers Without Borders

Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project:

Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo:

Turn Left at Orion:

One Minute Astronomer:

Northolt Branch Observatories:

Weather West, California Weather Blog:

Tropical Tidbits, weather forecast models:

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