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'Star Factory Messier 17' Featured on NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

We at Grand Mesa Observatory ( are so very happy to announce that our recent image of the Omega Nebula or Messier 17 has been selected to be featured on NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Friday 9/8/2023! You can view it here:

NASA's APOD has been promoting astronomy outreach since its inception in 1995. Today APOD is distributed across the globe and is translated into 21 languages daily with about 1 million page views per day. More info can be found here on the NASA APOD website: or on its wiki:

This image was the result of a collaborative effort of Grand Mesa Observatory staff; Kim Quick, Terry Hancock, and Tom Masterson using Grand Mesa Observatory's System 2a William Optics FLT156mm APO now available with our subscription:

You can also find this image on my Flickr page here:

Clear Skies!!


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1 Comment

Mike Sheridan
Mike Sheridan
Sep 15, 2023


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